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Based in Cameron, Louisiana, Jonathan Fontenot is a solo practitioner with extensive experience in environmental law, commercial litigation, and personal injury claims, including offshore accidents and maritime claims.

Jonathan Fontenot is an attorney with deep roots in Southwest Louisiana.  He was raised in Cameron Parish where his grandfather was the County Agent, and his father was the first judge elected to Cameron Parish’s newly-formed district, the 38th Judicial District.  In Calcasieu Parish, he clerked for the judges of the 14th Judicial District, and then became a prosecutor with the Calcasieu Parish District Attorney’s Office, where he rose to become a felony prosecutor.  After 5 years with the DA’s Office, he began his own environmental law practice and expanded it to include offshore and maritime injuries as well as personal injury claims.  

Oilfield Contamination

The following are cases filed on behalf of plaintiffs to have the contamination on their land to be removed or remediated, and to be compensated for the damages:

  • Funderburkv. BP; 10-17314
  • Andrus v. BP; 10-18055
  • Stephenson v. Chevron; 10-18038
  • Gaspard v. BP; 10-18055
  • Hebert v. Mossbacher; 10-17313
  • Milstead v. BP; 10-18893
  • Martin v. Koch; 10-19075
  • Martin v. Occidental; 10-18853
  • Conner v. BP; 10-18852
  • Richard v. BP; 10-18822
  • Clark v. Exxon; 10-19028
  • McCauley v. BP; 10-19029
  • Boudreaux v. BP; 10-19024
  • Ogea v. Chevron; 10-19003
  • Broussard v. BP; 2008-0895;
  • Hebert v. Energen; 2005-0895;
  • Fruge v. Union; 2013-CC-128;
  • Benoit v. Union; C-324-12;
  • Doland v. Forest; 10-17312
  • Broussard v. TMR Co.; 11-CV-01446
  • Poole v. Pan Am Petroleum; 10-19029

He has represented defendants in the following suits:

  • State of La. v. El Paso Corporation; 10-18668
  • State of La. v. Central Crude; 10-18628

After the Citgo oil spill of 2006, he also represented numerous commercial fisherman and helped them recoup some of their losses:

  • Askew v. Citgo, 2007-3241
  • Bollich v. Citgo, 2007-3412

Jonathan Fontenot has also represented landowners and business owners in the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Personal Injury

As a personal injury attorney in Southwest Louisiana, Cameron lawyer Jonathan Fontenot has successfully represented injured clients in cases ranging from dog bite cases to train wrecks and auto accidents, as well as offshore injuries and maritime accidents.

He has represented plaintiffs in several car accidents involving company and commercial vehicles, including 18 wheeler accidents: 

  • Lafleur v. Fedex, 2008-6145
  • Crador v. M and M Sales Co., Inc., 2009-1736-A
  • Agnes Spell, et al v. Lewing Construction Company, Inc., Employers Mutual Casualty Co.
  • Thibodeaux v. Werner Enterprises, 2007-6403

Commercial Litigation

As a commercial litigation attorney based in Cameron, Louisiana, Jonathan Fontenot has had experience in representing a variety of businesses, including the creation of corporations and LLC’s, the drafting of contracts, representing clients in breach of contract cases and breach of lease cases,  as well as involvement in complex oil and gas litigation.

He has represented and defended clients in business disputes, mostly related to the Oil Industry:

  • H WW Enterprises Inc., d/b/a Worldwide Professional Services v. ETT, 10-17219
  • J-Lu LTD Co. v. T&F Oil company, and Runner Resources, Inc., 10-18490
  • Badon v. RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, et al, No. 10-12653

Offshore Injury / Maritime Claims

As a personal injury attorney handling Offshore Injury and Maritime Claims in Southwest Louisiana, Cameron lawyer Jonathan Fontenot has represented the following plaintiffs in offshore injuries and maritime claims:

  • Ken Romero v. Cajun Stabilizing Boats, Inc.,
  • Grosvenor v. McCalls Offshore Boats, Inc., 10-17456
  • Maceo Carter v. Omega Protein, Inc., 10-17371